Thursday, August 25, 2016

Back to School

And so it begins!  A new school year...with two in high school, two in grade school, and one cute little guy at home, you can imagine things are pretty crazy around here!

 Grace and Jackson watching their big sissies in Marching Band

All ready for the Preseason Games!!!

 Where did the time go?  These two beauties are in high school together this year. They are amazing young women. We are so proud of them!

 ...and then we have these cuties!  Grace started FOURTH grade and Savannah is in FIRST!  

 "Wait! Where did all my sisters go???"

 Now there is nothing but lots of love and fun adventures with this little man during the day!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Happy 4th!

This year, since the older kids were in Portland, we decided to do the parade downtown.  The little ones LOVED it!  Lots of cool cars, firetrucks, police vehicles, military forces, and other fun things to keep their attention!  I think we may have found a new family tradition!  We pick up our older girls on Sunday and CAN'T WAIT!!!

Friday, July 1, 2016

SO much has happened since I last updated so I am just purging a bunch of pictures!  Everything from Kindergarten Graduation to Wisdom teeth pulled out, to Birthday parties and visiting Portland! Not to mention, VBS, ballet showcases, braces off and just plain summer fun! This summer has been quite eventful already...and it's only July :)

Mother's Day :)

Letting Balloons go on Savannah's 6th Birthday!

Grandma Great!

Jackson's first time at the Beach

Daddy did a great job planning Savannah's party while we were visiting Grammy and Papa!

I LOVE this picture!!! 

 Savannah and Jack...first time flying!  They did GREAT!


My poor Mikayla after having Wisdom teeth removed :(

Let's build a castle Grammy and Papa!

Happy Birthday Bana Boo!

Last day of VBS at Redeemer

 Summer fun with friends!

 Ballet Showcase!

 All done with Kindy!  Congrats Savannah!


 This beautiful boy...

At Denver Airport


 Maddy got her braces off!!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Spring has arrived!!!

It's only been three months since I last this is just one huge purge of pictures!
 Mikayla was asked to perform at the Hilton for The Kiwanis Club.  She did amazing as always!

 Mikayla and Doug!

 Maddy is all ready for Softball!

 We love the lake this time of year.

 Fun spring hike!!!

 Yep.  Jackson and Stockton are finally becoming buds.
 Savannah LOVES being outdoors and playing with rocks, mud, snow...whatever is available! 

Jackson: 8 months old

 Uhm.  I think it's time for his first haircut!

 Gracie girl at The Great Debate.

Mama was FINALLY the Mystery Reader!!!